boys v.s girls

from babytalk aug. 2008

it's a boy

  • they like motion
boys prefer to watch mechanical motion over human motion! (ie. windshield wipers moving) it turns out that baby boys are more adept at keeping track with moving objects. recent research shows that boys are about two months ahead of girls when it comes to figure out the laws of motion.

  • they've got the moves
  • they're more emotional than you think
  • they love a crowd
  • they're (comparatively) fearless

it's a girl
- they're made to mimic
- they're good with their hands
- they may be better listeners
- they like face time

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    # by Happy Angel - 2009年3月17日 下午9:26

    totally agree with you... PS your kids grow up so FAST! Abbey is like a little lady now!