Not so happy for a "Happy Day" (081020)


We transfer Zach from a church day care center to a regular preschool (Happy Day School) nearby,
he only attended the day care for merely three weeks, didn't like it at all...
mostly because the teachers were not paying enough attention to each kid,
the teacher-student ratio is like 1:8, sometimes 1:9...,
anyways, we're lucky that the preschool we liked has a space right on time,
Zach is officially a preschooler now :D

Of course I know it's perfectly normal for kids to cry at the first couple school weeks,
but it still makes me feel pinched to see his sad face.
I feel confident though that he will like this new school & new teachers much more than the previous one.
And let's have our fingers crossed for his potty training,
so eventually he could also go to Abby's school next year.


I know All of Zach's classmates' name already: Kyle, Nathan, Ashlee, Tony, Lavinna~
I spent one whole morning with them to help Zach accommodating the new environment.

Zach is in Ms. Jennifer's class, the rest of the kids are from Ms. Valerie's class.
They're in one big open space when they could run free,
but the two classes are separated when doing projects.


Will pick him up earlier today,
hope he has a happy day at school today :)